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The End of holidays…

Time flies…now is 10/11/2011, which is my last holiday in hometown, the next day i will have to return to my university. In these 2 weeks, i have met with Kenneth my best friend, revised some books, played latest Pc games, downloaded some videos, and etc. It is nothing much maybe i always waste the time when i in KL.

It is always sad when i leave here because here has a lots of nice stuffs that does have at my university, such as friends, family and food of course. Nevertheless, my university also has its own good too. Fresh air, lots of greenish plants, monkeys, insects, clear skies that enable us to see an uncountable stars, sports facilities and etc are stuff that u would not find in KL. So that is why i love my university! Do u agree with my view? Haha, anyway, there will be some mid- term exam after going back since i have not prepared well yet, so lets wish me good luck for those exams. For an announcement, i will be coming back again before CNY next year, which is around 2 more months. Thus, do not worry and enjoy your life, we will meet again very soon.

Lastly, do not forget to follow this site when u are free, because maybe i will update my latest news or some interesting stuff at here. TQ and bye…






bb to kuala lumpur

yesterday was a great day for me because i met with my best friend miss tan and miss lee for last gathering before i go back to jungle…

i went to ktv to listen their ‘nice and unforgettable ‘ voice before i leave kl…haha…it is always feel good and enjoy when sing k with them…after this time,i have to wait for around 2 months to meet with them again…

it is always cruel when we have to leave our dearest people for some  purposes…what i can do now is hoping time passes faster….faster reach the month of november…haha

next,i also would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my failure to attend miss tan’s birthday bbq party on this saturday…what a waste!i have missed this golden chance to bbq with them…zzz…but i have no option….who wants the university reopen at this wonderful moment??zzz…really pok kai…

miss tan please forgive me…haha…anyway…although i will be absent that day,my soul will be there during bbq…wahaha…

lastly,wish me safe along the journey back to jungle and wish to meet with u all again in the future…

take care u all during these months…i will miss u all…







hello everyone long time no see i have…

hello everyone…long time no see…i have been disappearing for about 1 and a half year….due to some stupid reason….but nevermind,….now i have reborn…juz wan to say a few words here…nice to meet with u all again here….thanks for ur continuous support…im very appreciate it…keep on touch and follow my blog…thanks and have a nice night…bye and see again soon…take care everyone!

♥ 个人题10 ♥ 01 你叫什么 : vincent 02你的綽號 : 瘟神 …

♥ 个人题10 ♥
01 你叫什么 : vincent
02你的綽號 : 瘟神
03你的血型 : o
04 你的星座 : 射脚座
05 你是男還是女 : 还用问?
06 你幾歲 : 比上一年大一岁
07 你住哪裡 : 自己的家
08 你現在的學校 :毕业了
09 你有沒有手機 : 一定有
10 承上,那是多少 : 1 个

♥ 朋 友 題 – 10 題 ♥
11 你最要好的朋友(限1個):钱先生
12 你最討厭的人(限1個):骗子

♥ 情 題 – 10 題 ♥
21 你有沒有喜欢的人:怎么会有?
24 到目前為止,你跟多少人告白過: 应该有那么地1次吧。。
25 到目前為止,你被多少人告白過 :勉强都有几个的。。。
26 到目前為止,你交過多少個男/女朋友 :就只1 次。。
27 現在有另一半吗:才不要。。Single is the best..
28 你最好的同性朋友跟你告白你会怎样:睬他都傻
29 你初恋情人突然跟你告白你会接受吗 :难道你没听过“好马不吃回头草‘吗?
30 你为什么会喜欢你現在喜欢的人: 都没有喜欢人啦!
31 你和另一半牵手过吗:zzz…….
32 你和另一半抱或亲过吗: 有没有又关你什么事?
33 你跟异性牵手过吗: 跟妈妈算吗?
34 是谁,你们什么关系: 母子咯
35 现在有人在追你吗:没什么主意,应该没有。。

♥ 混 合 題 – 10 題 ♥
36 如果有天,好朋友离你而去,你会怎样 :尊重他的决定
37 如果有天,好朋友背叛你,你会 :唉。。
38 如果有天,好朋友对你喜新厌旧,你会:这是正常的啦。。
39 如果你很受不了你的父母,你会離家出走吗: 不会的!
40 你上课認真吗 :认真谈天就有。。
41 你功課好不好: 嘛嘛地
42 你开电脑都在干嘛 : Msn,看戏,听歌,看美女,找资料等等。。。
43 你的即时通有多少个同性: ???
44 你的即時通裡有多少個異性: ???

♥ 兇 手 題 – 10 題 ♥
45 传給你这份问卷的人是谁: 陈小姐
46 这個人對你好不好:不错。。
47 這個人是你的誰:好朋友
48 你有喜欢过這個人吗:怎么就是要我提起陈年往事呢?
49 你们认识多久了:都有4-5 年了。。。
50 這個人是怎样的人:好人。。有点小聪明。。常常让人大吃一惊。。
51 这个人正/帥吗:cute到来带点xx。。
52 這個人跟你有沒有在一起过:有时咯
53 万一你喜欢這個人,你会怎么办:不可能啦!

♥ 聯 想 題 – 10 題 ♥
56 說到正妹你会想到谁:不懂从谁开始说
57 說到帥哥你会想到谁:我才不想
58 說到憨你会想到谁:kar lien
59 說到痴你会想到谁:很多朋友都有自己痴的地方,痴线,痴情等等。。
60 說到暗恋你会想到谁:张智成
61 說到出去玩你会想到谁:中学朋友
62 說到聪明鬼你会想到谁:很多。。
63 說到傻子你会想到谁:自己
64 說到笑点低你会想到谁:do not know
65 說到愛笑你会想到谁:陈小姐

♥ 學 校 題 – 11 題 ♥
66 你的班导是谁:没有
67 你的座位是第几排第几个:看心情而定
68 你最喜欢的老師是谁:miss hiew
69 你的英文好吗:厉害到一些人听不明白
70 你的体育好吗: 不上不下
71 你的数学好么: 还好
72 你喜不喜欢你的校长:有时喜欢有时讨厌
73 你的学校好看吗:现在没有学校
74 你的班級是:——
75 你的班級在几楼: ——

hey….happy new year!

hey….happy new year!

2009 last day

 wow..time really flies….so fast ady reached 31 dec 2009…..

2009 can be said as a good year and a very bad year for me!haha…

but i realised many things in this year…..as well as learned a lot of new things and knowledge….

my health is very bad ………always get sick!

stpm has finished……..im confident that i could score well …….at least b la!

so………here…….i would like to wish all my beloved friends a happy new year!

what an unlucky day….

i’m wrong,i did the stupiest thing on monday!

i had a chance to get a well paid job,but i missed it!this was because i wanted to take another job,that was marketing!

when you see marketing,u will have interest right?ya….ofcoz,im not out of that!but the working time is defenitely not suits me,it is stupid!but i hav to admit that the commission is attrative besides allowing me to gain new experiences…

however,i decided not to take this job….becoz i want enough rest time besides working!so now,i have no job!no $$$!

i regret i missed that job on monday…..what an unlucky day!god bless me……

zzzz……..now,wish us can get a new job earlier as possible!